Fish net stockings.


The appeal of the fishnet has to do with its vast potential. It adds edge to a bohemian dress or a slip. Even the man with Teddy Quinlivan in Paris in black short shorts and fishnets managed to pull the look off, which is to say. They look very gosh and stunning at the same time.

Love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the Kardashian/Jenner sisters are major trend-setters. I mean, basically anything the ladies post on Instagram or on their subscription blogs instantly sells out. Case in point: Kylie took to Instagram to post the most amazing pair of fishnet stockings, and we want them on our legs and in our lives.

But this is Kylie Jenner we’re talking about, so they aren’t just any old fishnet stockings. Her fishnets are also decked out in rhinestones that not only make them gorgeous, but also make them perfect for the holidays!

In the field of textiles, fishnet is hosiery with an open, diamond-shaped knit; it is most often used as a material for stockings, tights, or bodystockings. Fishnet is available in a multitude of colors, although it is most often sported in traditional matte black. Fishnet is commonly worn on the legs and arms by practitioners of goth and punk fashion, but is also commonly worn by the mainstream as a fashion statement. Generally considered to be a sexy garment, it may serve as a component of sexual fetishism. Fishnets are used mostly as a type of undergarment, and in as much as it defines curves by applying a grid close to the body it generally accentuates the wearer’s muscular definition.

A more practical use of fishnet textiles is in high performance next-to-skin apparel used in cold weather outdoor sports, including hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing, and mountaineering. In this context, fishnet is usually knitted from fibers of polypropylene, merino wool, or nylon, and offers a number of benefits over traditional densely knitted base layer apparel. These benefits are related to the presence of large void spaces in the fishnet fabric structure that trap insulating air for warmth in cool conditions, and allow for the rapid transport of moisture from the skin surface to outer layers to minimize conductive heat loss.



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